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The parish church of Surfleet is dedicated to St Laurence who was martyred on a gridiron over 1800 years ago. As a reminder of this event the weather vane takes the form of a gridiron. The leaning tower is a image003feature of the church and is in fact 64 out of perpendicular. It seems that soon after the construction of the spire the foundations began to sink into the fenland soil. A cross on the floor of the tower near the door marks the point directly below the tip of the spire. The tower is probably of Decorated style (1270-1350) and the exterior is in the Perpendicular style (1350-1480). Until the late 1970s the bells were the lightest peal of twelve bells in the world hung for change ringing. Owing to the lean of the tower, two bells are technically hung outside the foundations of the church.


The Font is 15th Century, octagonal, perpendicular with a carving of tracery and flowers and a decorated deeply buttressed stem. The Reredos above the High Altar depicts the Last Supper. The Millennium Window was dedicated in July 2000. It is of modern design and symbolic in that the palm is the emblem of Saints and Martyrs, the Grid Iron and flames depict martyrdom of St Laurence. Flames represent Pentecost and new life in the third millennium.








For details of Service Times, other events and meetings, please see the Weekly Pew Sheet


There is a Local Ministry team which conducts Family services, Communion by Extension, School Assemblies, Communion for the sick, Special services, and prepares the rotas for Service helpers.




image006Mini Market every Friday 10.00 to 12.00. Coffee and cakes; drop in for a chat


Bell Ringing practice takes place every first Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.


New Members are always very welcome at all of these groups


The parish enjoys a close relationship with Surfleet Primary School







Vicar: Rev David Sweeting 01775 725698

Associate Priest Rev Paul Hardingham 01775 840803

Church Wardens: Mr. Douglas Drakard 01205 461423.

Miss Annette Rhodes 01775 680235

Local Ministry team Douglas Drakard, Frances Richardson, Annette Rhodes, Ruth Scrivener