The Glen Group

All Age Choir

Palm Sunday ProcessionSurfleet St Laurence began an All Age robed Choir in 2014, which sang for the first time in public at St Laurence's Christmas Tree Festival in the December of that year. Members now sing on two Sundays per month at Surfleet and one Sunday per month at West Pinchbeck, in the main act of worship.

Shetland PonyThe photos here show our 2015 Palm Sunday March of Witness through Pinchbeck Village which, lacking a donkey, was very ably led by a local Shetland pony.

Palm Sunday Procession

The march culminated in a Benefice Service at St Mary's.

Choir BBQ with OwlsThe Choir has also begun to develop a social life. In 2015 this included a Vicarage barbecue and a visit by residents of a Lincoln owl sanctuary.

It turns out that several choir members are Harry Potter fans!

Choir Barbecue

Membership is open to anyone of Key Stage One or above, who likes (or would like to learn) to sing.

Rehearsals are at 4:30pm on Tuesdays, usually at the Glen Vicarage.

To find out more please contact Cath Sweeting here.

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