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Widow of Nain: Photo C KebbellChristian Hope

The Christian faith is very clear that human beings are made in God's image, are precious to him in life and never beyond the reach of his love even in death.

The image to the left, drawn from the stained glass of the South Chapel in St Mary's church, picks up the story of the Widow of Nain. Jesus meets her in a funeral procession; she is about to bury her only son. His compassion for her reveals God's power over life and death, by bringing to the crowd the startling good news of Resurrection.

New Burials at St Mary's

Though many funerals are still conducted at St Mary's, the Churchyard has been closed for some years. A small number of grave spaces have been reserved to particular families by faculty.

Burial Records

Some information about burial records can be obtained from our Churchwarden, Mrs Emma Beavis, who can be contacted here.  Older records are stored at the Lincolnshire Archives.

Please see our Family History section for lists of the more intact memorial stones inside and outside the Church building. 

Garden of Remembrance

To the east end of the Church building lies a well maintained Garden of Remembrance which is open for the reception of cremated remains. This Garden contains memorial seating and is kept open during daylight hours for quiet reflection.

With the exception of a single row of old memorials, the area of lawn set aside for new interments contains no memorial markers of any kind. Interments are in measured plots recorded on a wall display in the south aisle of the Church building. 

For all enquiries about new interments, please contact the Vicar here.

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