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Our Patron Saint

St Lawrence BannerLaurence (sometimes spelled Lawrence, as on our banner opposite) was one of the seven Deacons in Rome and closely associated with Pope Sixtus II, martyred just a few days before him.

Laurence's examiners insisted that he produce the Church treasures. He promptly assembled the poor and reputedly said, `these are the treasures of the church'.

Laurence died on 10th August 258 ad. The story of his being put to death on a gridiron is a much later addition, commemorated in the form of the weather vane on the spire of Surfleet St Laurence takes the form of a gridiron.

Laurence's Collect reads:

Almighty God
who made Laurence a loving servant of your people
and a wise steward of the treasures of your church;
fire us with his example to love as he loved
and to walk in the way that leads to eternal life;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord...

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