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St Bartholomew's Church, and the surrounding Churchyard, was dedicated in July 1850. The Churchyard grounds, including two areas for cremated remains (the `Gardens of Remembrance' to the immediate south and west of the Church building) are a peaceful space and permanently open to the public.

Burial Rights

While space remains, the churchyard is open for new burials. Eligibility for burial is set out in the Diocesan Churchyard Regulations. A burial right exists where any of the following apply:

  • Death occurred within the Parish.
  • The deceased was resident within the Parish at time of death.
  • The name of the deceased appears on the current Electoral Roll.

In all other cases burial may take place at the discretion of the Vicar,
with due regard to the general guidance of the Parochial Church Council.

Place of Burial

The place of burial is at the discretion of the Vicar, unless a particular grave space has been reserved by Faculty granted by the Chancellor. Please contact the Vicar for further information about the faculty procedure and associated fees.

Guidelines for Memorials

Guidance from the Diocese of Lincoln concerning the commissioning of stone and wooden memorials for the Churchyard and for the Garden of Remembrance can be found here.

Please note that the Vicar has authority to approve memorials only if they fall entirely within these Regulations.

Non-compliant memorial applications may be submitted but will be subject to a Faculty process, at the expense of the applicant, with the decision to accept or to reject resting wholly with the Chancellor's office.

Monumental Masons - please note that all applications for monuments must be submitted via the Glen Group Office here.

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