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What is Confirmation?

Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which you affirm for yourself the faith into which you have been baptized.

At the Confirmation service you will make public promises to live a life of committed discipleship. A Bishop will pray for you, with the laying on of hands, `confirming' your statements and asking God to give you power through the Holy Spirit to enable you to live in the way of Jesus.

Do I have to be baptized before I am Confirmed?

Yes. Baptism must happen before Confirmation can take place.

  • If you were baptized as a child, your parents and godparents were asked to declare publicly on your behalf that they believed in God and that they would bring you up to follow Jesus. At confirmation, you will make these decisions and promises in public, and for yourself.

  • If you have not been Baptized already, you will either be Baptized in your Parish church in preparation for the day of your Confirmation, or alternatively by the Bishop during your Confirmation service.

Are there any age restrictions?

As a general guide, if you have been baptized, are over ten years of age and able to answer responsibly for yourself, Confirmation could be right for you. There is no upper age limit.

Many applicants come to Confirmation as adults, perhaps as a response to life events that raise questions of faith - for example following the birth of a child, when coming to terms with a bereavement or even in preparation for a Church wedding.

Choosing a Sponsor

At confirmation you will be asked if you would like a sponsor to stand with you as a symbol of their journeying with you in faith. Usually this is someone who has previously been confirmed. It may be one of the people who has prepared you for confirmation or it may be another church member, a good friend, a relative, or a Godparent.

Taking communion

It is normal for Confirmation to be followed straight away by Holy Communion. This may be the first time you have taken Holy Communion, but you will have spent some time on your Confirmation Course looking at what to do on the day, and at what Holy Communion means for you.

To explore the possibility of Confirmation further, please complete this enquiry or alternatively, contact the vicar directly.

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