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There are all sorts of places to get married these days, but a church wedding remains the preferred option for many couples.

You can find out about getting married in one of the Churches of the Glen Group by filling in an enquiry form or by contacting the Vicar directly.

The Vicar handles all marriage applications personally so please allow 7-10 days for an initial response. 

The process, in seven easy steps

  1. The Vicar will invite you to an initial meeting to complete an application form. He will ask for proof of identity and the nature of your `qualifying connection' with the Parish. If all is well, it will be possible to agree a date and time for the service, and to discuss fees and other practical questions.

  2. Our Parish Administrator will write to you confirming the content of the initial meeting, and (where applicable) the dates for reading your banns. You will be asked to confirm your booking by signing and returning a copy of this letter, with a deposit cheque in the sum of £50.00.

  3. You will be asked to meet with the Vicar for at least one session of marriage preparation, usually about six months before the wedding.

  4. You will then need to meet with an organist, who will help you to plan the musical content for your service, choosing music for when you enter and leave the church, and for the signing the registers. You may also wish to choose two or three hymns.

  5. The officiating minister (who may or may not be the Vicar) will ask to meet with you no later than three months before the wedding, to plan your service. This will include choosing the Bible readings and preparing a draft Order of Service.

  6. Your wedding rehearsal will usually take place in the week prior to the wedding. Everyone who will be taking a practical role in the service, including your photographer or videographer, is encouraged to attend.

  7. The big day arrives - and hopefully the sun will be shining!

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