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Pinchbeck St Mary: Hand of God in Stained Glass: Photo C KebbellWhy a Church Wedding?

Enquirers sometimes say that they are not particularly religious but would like to feel that God has a hand in their decision to marry.

For others, Church just feels like the right place to get married - though the reasons may be hard to articulate. 

If you feel instinctively that Church is the right place to experience one of the most significant events of your life - well, you're probably right! This section explains why.

Who can marry in Church?

In the Church of England we believe that marriage is God’s gift to all people – Christians, those of other faiths or of no faith at all. We support the institution of marriage because we understand it to be God’s gift to society as a whole.

Exceptions can arise where one or both applicants are divorcees; if this applies to you, then please see the guidance here. You will need to be prepared to discuss your circumstances honestly and openly with the Vicar, who will help you to explore what might be possible.

What will we need to know?

For couples who haven’t been regular church attendees it’s natural (though quite unnecessary) to feel anxious about making contact with a Vicar - but you won't need an `A' level in religious studies to qualify for a welcome!

The heart of a Church Wedding

As you prepare for marriage the Vicar, or in some cases another Priest who might be asked to officiate, will want to help you to approach the day 
`reverently, responsibly and after serious thought’.

The vows at the heart of a Church wedding are different to those used in a secular wedding ceremony. The Church wedding service declares that the couple are to become `one flesh' and cautions: `Those whom God has joined together - let no-one put asunder!'

The seriousness of the language is intended to match the sincerity of the commitment, which Christians regard as lifelong. By marrying in Church, remember that you are inviting God to take a hand in one of the most important and transformational events of your life.

Are there any online wedding resources?

The Church of England has a dedicated website which offers valuable guidance on planning your wedding - this can be accessed here.

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