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Booking the Church

Wedding Facilities in the Glen Group Churches

Which of the Glen Group Churches best suits your needs? Remember that you will need to establish a Qualifying Connection with the Parish in which you intend to marry.

Clicking on the pictures below will show a summary of the facilities available in each of our Parishes.

 Pinchbeck St Mary

St Mary

 West Pinchbeck St Bartholomew

West Pinchbeck
St Bartholomew

 Surfleet St Laurence

St Laurence

Church Availability

You will also wish to know whether the Church of your choice is available on the day, and at the time, you hope to marry. Remember that this will also depend on whether a member of the clergy will be available to take your service - but for an initial guide to church availability please click here.

Please also note:

  • Legally, all Church of England weddings must start after 8am and be finished by 6pm.

  • Most couples choose to marry on a Saturday, but legally it is possible to marry on any day of the week.

  • We try to ensure that no more than two weddings take place on a given day.

  • We will also ensure that the start times for weddings scheduled for the same day are separated by at least two hours. This allows clergy time to travel between services, and gives couples an adequate opportunity to socialize and take photographs in the Church grounds after their service. 

  • Fewer slots are available in July and August due to clergy leave. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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