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the wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rings: Photo C KebbellThe big day is now very close and the rehearsal is a great opportunity to get together with everyone who will be taking a practical role in the service, to polish any final plans.

The wedding rehearsal is a relaxed gathering. Its purpose is to familiarize everyone with the shape of the service and to iron out anything that might otherwise seem awkward on the day.

The ushers will be able to look at the layout of the church building and clarify their duties in respect of seating guests and ensuring they will have everything they need.

The bridal procession will practice its big moment and think through some practical strategies to ensure that the flower girls and page boys all end up in the correct place as the service unfolds.

Those reading in church will have an opportunity to practice with the microphone and to check any less-than-obvious Biblical pronunciations. The Bride and Groom will rehearse their declarations and vows, and the best man will find out when to present the wedding rings.

The rehearsal is also a key opportunity for your photographer and videographer to meet each other and the Vicar - the goal is to enable everyone to work together unobtrusively so that the service goes well and you can come away feeling confident that you will have the pictures and footage you require.

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