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Marriage Preparation

Wedding Rings: Photo C KebbellPreparing for your wedding is an essentially practical affair involving booking forms and guest lists and budgeting.

Preparing for your marriage is another thing entirely, and the Church will wish to offer appropriate support.

As no two couples are the same, marriage preparation can take many forms.

The Vicar will wish to meet with you at least once, to discuss the Christian understanding of marriage and to reflect with you on the declarations and vows you will make before God and before your family and friends.

Some couples have a limited experience of Church. You may wish to look at some of the symbolism of the wedding service together, to enable you to get the most from the day.

In some cases couples choose a more in-depth form of marriage preparation. It may be that you have not been Baptized and wish to address this before your wedding. It may be that you were Baptized as an infant but now feel it is time to think about your adult beliefs.

For these and other reasons it is good to set time aside to prepare inwardly for marriage - one of the biggest milestone events in our lives.

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