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Marriage at St Laurence's

Church and Grounds

Surfleet St Laurence is a medium sized medieval church set in a small semi wooded churchyard. The building has an intimate feel and comfortably seats congregations up to 250 in size. 

Car Parking

On-street car parking is available throughout Surfleet village.


Wheelchair access is via the north door. A hearing loop has been fitted.

Church Choir

St Laurence's has access to a robed Choir based at Pinchbeck St Mary, which regularly sings in support of weddings. Choirmaster and Organist Mr John Bland will be pleased to meet with you at St Mary's by arrangement, after regular Sunday worship, to discuss your musical requirements.


Please ensure that only biodegradable confetti such as dried flower petals is used within the Church grounds.


St Laurence's has a twelve-bell tower captained by Miss Annette Rhodes. Bells are often rung for weddings - see further information here.


Except in the penitential seasons of Lent and Advent, couples are welcome to introduce floral arrangements into the Church for the duration of their wedding service. To discuss any issues related to floristry, please contact Miss Annette Rhodes.


A good wedding photographer will be able to capture memorable images of your wedding day calmly and unobtrusively. To ensure that everything goes well on the day, we ask for your photographer to be present at the wedding rehearsal, where the necessary guidelines will be discussed.


Where a wedding including live music (eg organist, choir) is to be captured on video, it is essential that couples obtain a Video License (see fees  below) and ensure that their videographer and photographer are both able to be present at the wedding rehearsal to ensure that their professional needs can be met in a planned and a balanced way.

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