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Wedding Enquiry Form

Please complete these questions as honestly as you can - they will assist the Vicar in identifying issues you will need to explore together at your first meeting. If you are uncertain how to answer, please refer to the guidance notes by clicking the relevant links.  







 First Name









 Home Address



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Have you been previously married?





In which Parish do you wish to marry?

St Mary

West Pinchbeck St Bartholomew

St Laurence

In what way do you have a Qualifying Connection with this Parish?                          

I / we live within the Parish boundary, or have been previously resident.

We routinely attend worship in the Parish.

I / we were Baptized or Confirmed in the Parish.

A close relative has been Baptized, Confirmed or Married in the Parish.


Subject to Church and clergy availability, when (ideally) would you like to get married?



Please use this section to make any other brief comments that may be helpful in preparing for your first meeting.

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