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Fraiser Room Project

In 1764 Lady Anne Fraiser (1677-1769) founded a charity to provide free education for 20 Surfleet children of both sexes. To this end a simple building was provided to house the school, which operated between 1764 and 1870. 

The Indenture for the Lady Fraiser Charity specified as Trustees the Vicar and Churchwardens of Surfleet, the Vicar of Pinchbeck, the Vicar of Gosberton and the Rector of Algakirk.

The Charity School continued from 1764 to 1870 but the building and charity (under the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission) continue to play a prominent role in the life of the village.

The Fraiser Room has since attracted significant grant funding to refurbish the main hall area. It is now a community meeting room used by a number of community groups.

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