The Glen Group

Baptism at st Mary's


When Baptisms Happen

Baptism is offered at Pinchbeck St Mary on the first Sunday of the month, at 12:30pm. Baptism takes approximately 35 minutes and the simple spoken service in which it takes place may be shared with one or more other families.

Before the Service

About a week before the service Janet Bettinson (or another member of our Lay Ministry team) will contact you to ensure that we hold the correct information to complete our Baptism registers. This will include the final details of your choice of Godparents.

After the Service

Since in Baptism your child becomes part of the Church we will usually invite you to come back to St Mary's at 10:30 am on the Sunday following the service. This is an opportunity to join our regular congregation in `family friendly' worship. where you will be presented with a Baptism certificate and welcomed over coffee or tea.

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