The Glen Group

Infants and young children

Booking the Service

Baptism services for infants and young children (under the age of eleven) can be easily arranged by telephoning the Vicar or Parish Administrator.

Alternatively, please complete this form and a member of the ministry team will contact you to arrange the booking. Please allow five working days.

When Services Happen

You will need to tell us where you would like the service to take place. Baptism times for each of our Parish Churches can be found here:

 West Pinchbeck St Bartholomew

West Pinchbeck
St Bartholomew

 Surfleet St Laurence

St Laurence

 Pinchbeck St Mary

St Mary

Choosing Godparents

A Godparent is not a legal Guardian, but an individual who will support your child as s/he grows. Part of the Godparent's role is to encourage your child to think about life's bigger questions.

We strongly recommend that you choose at least one Godparent who has been Confirmed - but please be aware that all Godparents must have been Baptized.

You will need a minimum of three Godparents and at least two must be of the same gender as your child. Parents may be Godparents for their own children.

Please note that in our Baptism registers we are able to record a maximum of four Godparents per child.

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