The Glen Group

Bell Tower

The peal of Pinchbeck St Mary (an E Major Scale) was tuned, rehung and augmented to eight bells in 1934 by John Taylor & Co. Bellfounders, Loughborough.








 John Taylor & Co Founders Loughborough 1934
 William Stapleton Royce 1857 - 1924




 John Taylor & Co Founders Loughborough 1934
 Emma Louisa Royce 1863 - 1934




 John Taylor & Co Founders Loughborough
 Fear God    Honour the King
 Edward vii    June 1902
 F. F. Wayet Vicar
 Green Waltham    Samuel Freir C.W.




 God Save The King     A Lawson
 Tobie Norris Cast Me 1677




 God Save The King    W. Cloves
 Tobie Norris Cast Me 1677




 Non vox sed votun non mysica coroula
 sed cor 1624
 Tobie Norris Me Fecit




 Caris Holyday     Thomas Ellin CW.   Thomas
 Ansill 1699




 God Save The King    J Wimberlie
 B Wimberlie    M Michill    W Sharp
 J Olfieild    T Bissell
 Tobie Norris Cast Me 1677

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