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Churchyard Monuments

This is a list of names on headstones in the churchyard. It is taken from a register of churchyard monuments. It is not a register of churchyard burials. The survey of churchyard headstones was undertaken in the 1980s and the register includes all names and inscriptions that were legible at the time of the survey.

Please note however that since that time some headstones have been relocated to the edge of the churchyard and so may not be in their original position (although they will still be included on the list if the inscription was legible at the time of the survey).

If you are looking for an ancestor whose name does not appear on this list it does not necessarily mean that they were not buried in Pinchbeck.

The reason could be:

  • They were buried in the churchyard but did not have a headstone (quite often the case).
  • They were buried in the churchyard and did have a headstone but it was removed before the survey took place or damaged or illegible at the time of the survey.
  • They were buried in Pinchbeck Cemetery which is administered by the parish council, not the church.

For a proper search of all burials in the churchyard at St Mary’s you will need to contact the diocesan archivist (details below) because the burial registers are stored safely in the archives in Lincoln. 

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